Friday, August 5, 2011

Teeny Tiny and the Witch Woman

Hey guys, sorry for the delay on a new article. While doing some yardwork I managed to expose myself to so many allergens that the itching and burning has become a distraction. So, just been digging around for some stuff I feel nostalgic about.

Whilst doing this, I managed to find a bit of nightmare fuel from my own childhood, and thought I'd spread it around, see if anyone else saw this as a little kid and was creeped out by it.

Speaking of nostalgia, my next article will be a review of a film featuring Donkey Lips, from Nickelodeon's Salute your Shorts. If you didn't watch Nick in the 90's, SyS was a live action show about a crappy summer camp, starring John Connor's friend from Terminator 2 as a jackass bully. Was pretty good for the time, at least better than Hey Dude.

I figure it's obvious now from my posts that I do have a love of the late 80's-90's, and pretty much bury myself in nostalgia fuel on top of all the nightmare fuel. Not that it's a surprise to anyone I know who is reading this, as I even made this to use as a wallpaper a year or so back:

And am using a similar, though smaller version as a mousepad.

On top of that, enjoy some possible nostalgia that didn't age as well:

Oh Tim Curry, even at your cheesiest and most awful you're still awesome. Would Congo be tolerable without you? Would Fern Gully even be watchable without "Toxic Love"? I think not.

Now if only the two videos were linked, Tim Curry narrating Teeny Tiny. Hell, Tim Curry reading scary stories in general, that would be awesome. I for one am going to try reading creepypasta in his voice from now on.


  1. That was terrifying. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There is nothing wrong with The Worst Witch. It has Fairuza Balk in it. God!