Monday, July 25, 2011

Dr. Iron's Zombie Survival Plan

I'll have a new review up by wednesday night, until then, here's a little something I've been thinking up all day. Kudos to for the awesome template! Check below for my explanations as to my choices.

First off, I wanted a helmet that would cover enough of my head but still grant me enough room to attach a pair of night vision goggles (my upper accessory.) Secondly I went with an outfit of denim, something larger than my comfortable size in order to give some more room but only one size larger so it's not as easy to pull on. I went with denim because it's tough, but still easy to move around in. Tough to rip, tough to tear, tough to bite through. I also went with combat boots (of course), and a pair of fingerless faux leather golf gloves, so that I can still grip comfortably while at least having some hand protection.

Weapons: I went with the .120 bolt action hunting rifle and the 9mm beretta largely due to concerns over ammo. I figured ammo for both would be relatively common, and the rifle doesn't stand much of a chance of jamming. The crowbar is useful both as a weapon and as a multipurpose tool, so it's easily a must.

Inventory: First off, the backpack design was important. I saw a lot of comfier backpacks, but they all had too many grabby bits. You want something that'll be harder to grab onto, and a lot of backpacks have multiple things that would be easy for someone to grab onto, or that'd easily get hooked on something.

Maglite's great, because on top of being a flashlight it's also an amazing weapon. Seriously, hold a maglite sometime, they're fucking clubs. The compass and canteen should be obvious. I threw in a AAA Atlas book because those are seriously useful, and it'd always be nice to have on-hand info about hospital locations, military bases, etc. Also a great way to keep track of where not to go, just cross shit out on the maps. Also threw on a two-way crank radio, which I consider to be maybe the most important item in my inventory.

Vehicle: Cars run low on gas, get stuck, stall, batteries die, etc. If I'm going with a vehicle, mountain bike's the way to go. Sure it's less useful if we're talking about fast zombies, but it beats nothing, and is certainly more useful than any other vehicle when dealing with slower zombies.

Stronghold: A military base, I figure, would be one of the safest places to go. Bunch of heavily trained guys with guns, security posts, fences everywhere, plenty of ammo, etc.

Sidekick: If I had to side with anyone in a zombie movie? It'd be CJ from the Dawn of the Dead remake. He's easily one of the smartest guys I've ever seen in a zombie film. Honestly, I think if it wasn't for the lead chick, who was something of a dumbass, more people could have survived that movie due to CJ.

Soundtrack: I originally went with a few different metal albums in my head, but I thought back to how stress effects survivors in various zombie films and went with an album that relaxes me. I fucking love The Beatles, and nothing relaxes me more, musically, than Within You Without You.

Final Boss: Of course, one downside to my stronghold is the possibility of evil/insane military types, so I threw Rhodes on here as the final boss. That archetype'd be the biggest non-zombie threat, after all.

Thoughts, criticisms? Post 'em in comments. Also open to some more b-grade horror flicks to review. Already grabbing two films an earlier poster suggested, and got a third film after that with the male lead from Carnosaur 3, but am always looking for more recommendations.

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